Shaqutations! We’re Keith Mclean and Jason Poland. You might know us from our respective webcomics: Adventuresome, and Robbie and Bobby. We’re happy to announce the opening of submissions for SHAQZINE! This fanzine will be a collection of comics, art, and stories about SHAQ! What we’re looking for are :

• Comics!

• Illustrations!

• Stories!

• Poems!

• Visual anything!

• About SHAQ! 

"But Shaqzine!" you might ask "What if I don’t know anything about Shaq?!" And you’d do well to ask that! You don’t have to know sports to know anything about Shaq—just like how you don’t have to know astronomy to feel the life-giving warmth of the sun! Shaq’s reputation off the court makes him a true Renaissance man, and cultural icon. Dare we say, Most Likely to be Voted Ambassador of Earth? Anyway, you get the idea: Shaq is pretty great.

SHAQZINE Guidelines:

• The size we’re looking to print SHAZQINE is 5.5 inches x 8.5 inches , so to be safe, try to keep your artwork within 5 inches x 8 inches

• Images should be between 300 and 600 dpi

• Color printing will be dependent on cost and the size of the zine, so if you’d like to submit color art please feel free, but know that there’s a chance it will be printed in black and white, so take that into consideration.

• Please include your name for credit, and any other information you’d like to be printed (url, twitter handle etc.)

• Work posted on the tumblr will be posted as is, with credit and link information.

• All work should be submitted digitally to

• The deadline for submissions is March 17th, 2014! March 24th, 2014! We want to give this plenty of time, and make it as cool as possible, so we’re keeping the submissions open for quite a while!

All work included in the printed zine and the tumblr will be credited according to the author’s instructions. By submitting content to SHAQZINE, you are allowing us the right to print it in the zine and to post it on Tumblr. All contributors will receive one hard copy of the zine once it is printed, and a print quality PDF to print and sell the zine in whatever way they see fit!

Reblog and share this post! We want to open the submissions to as many talented people as possible!

And that’s it! Feel free to contact us with any questions you might have!

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